Safety plan question

I have the safety plan, please can somebody advise if the tracking pings are only charged when no cell service is available, i.e when the satellite is required? Can the same be said if someone requests my location on map share?

  • In THEORY, Internet traffic is not charged. In practice, who knows? The whole thing is a work in progress.

    I am pretty sure that a location request from MapShare would be chargeable. Seems like that would likely go via satellite. I don't really know - maybe the servers are smart enough to at least try Internet first. Location request doesn't work (in finite time) anyhow.

    If you really want to know, open a support ticket. Even if Internet track points ARE free, in my mind, the real problem is that you can't ever tell exactly when you drop into and out of cell data coverage. In marginal areas, it's a crap shoot as to which way the track point goes.

  • As far as I know, the tracking points being sent to mapshare are always using the iR satellite network and are always charged depending on your set sending interval (10 min or >). 

  • Hello Tracking points and location points will always use Iridium Satellite. Which would mean that on the Safety plan you would be charged $.10 per interval and per location request whether coming from you account map tab or from mapshare when users request your location. inReach Subscription Plans -- See Send/Track Points & Location Requests Lines.

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    Remember that it is free to include MapShare updates in all your Preset and Check-in messages.

    These (manually sent) messages are free in unlimited amount on all subscription plans and are a way to share your location.

    Setting up MapShare for an inReach Messenger: