InReach Messenger as an external gps


I bought myself an InReach messenger for flying. I planned to use it as an external GPS receiver for my non GPS iPad mini 4, for some flying navigation software. I think it worked one time but now my iPad doesn't receive any GPS data.

Anybody has a guess how to solve the problem, or if it's even possible to work?

Which apps do i have to open on the iPad?

If it doesnt work, is there any chance to receive the gps data if i use the Garmin Pilot App?

Thanks for some help

Best regards Oliver

  • The Garmin iR Messender doesn´t work as an external GPS receiver and it isn´t compatible with the Garmin Pilot App.

    You will need a with your IPad 4 compatible external GPS receiver. I have an IPad 4 mini and have an old gns 2000 GPS receivers- but have not used this combination for a long time and no idea if it will match with the Garmin pilot app. But there should be a lot of never/better external GPS receivers on the market now (gns 3000 for example)..

  • It probably "worked" one time because your iPad got it's location via WiFi location data. The iPad "knows" where which wifi is located and approximates your location. So the location probalby wasn't from the iR Messenger.