display coordinates in degrees

on the messenger, when pressing the main menu and then scroll right, one can view the current position.

This is however displayed in degrees and minutes.

Is there any way to change the display to international standard, namely degrees (decimal)

  • There is a setting in the app, but I a not sure what uses it (is there a location display in the app?).

    There isn't a setting on the device.

  • No, unfortunately this setting option is missing in the settings on the device. The mini 2 has this functionality, the messenger unfortunately not so far. I really hope they will add this via an update soon.

  • OK, at least I know it is not me not able to find it.

    I filed it to https://www.garmin.com/en-US/forms/ideas/

    but will also open a ticket

  • got an answer from support: this can be changed by the app....

    we know it can not be changed by the app

    Just updated to 3.30 fw, hoping this will change there, but no, nothing did change so far.

  • next advise I got from support:

    use the app on the phone, there you have to create a message first with location included and then view this message and you will then get location coordinates...

    according to support, messenger is not some kind of outdoor equipment for position indication and is supposed to be used with phone only

    the remaining question is why to use an app or the messenger device at all, position can be displayed on every phone also without any garmin app...

  • Yes, you can change this only for the app and not for the messenger at all. I really hope they will add this possibility also for the messenger soon. They mentioned (somewhere) that the messenger is fully functional even without the app...

    "inReach Messenger operates as a fully functional, standalone device and does not require a cell phone."

    Garmin announces inReach Messenger satellite communicator.

    But maybe Garmin has a different understanding, what "as a fully functional, standalone device and does not require a cell phone" means...

    And no, it is not a fully functional stand alone device: if I request a premium weather, I can only see the current weather, but not the upcomming weather for the next hours (two hour steps) - the device changes the weather by time, but you can´t preview the weather for the next 2 hour steps without using the app...And btw: Zoleo uses also Dark sky as weather provider, but the Zoleo weather is much more informative...

    Garmin inreach:                                                                                   Zoleo:


    And group messaging is also not working without the app.

    Supplement 04.11.22:

    with November app update Zoleo switched to AerisWeather as weather provider (because Apple bought dark sky and will cancel support for non Iphone products). Is there already a new weather provider in sight for Garmin?

  • I am not really very keen of the explore app.

    But the messenger app has only abt 5-10% of the functionality of the explore app.

    Just an example: even I make the workaround and create a message with location coordinates in it, then go and view it, from there I can see the position on a map. But beware! it opens the google map on the phone and tries to display the position there.

    But who has google maps when underway with messenger? Or other way, when I have google maps on my phone, what do I need a device like messenger and its app for?

  • OK, just back to the original subject, degrees. I filed it with support and features request etc. Explained why the format degrees and decimal minutes is not useful and not allowed to be used in serious international communication.

    Today had again time to use messenger and *magic*

    Messenger now displays decimal degrees! and not any kind of nonsense. No, it can not bechanged or adjusted, but at least it is in the correct format for international communication now.

  • But it is a pity, that you still can’t change the coordinate system on the messenger. Almost all my hiking paper maps are in utm.

  • Where is this "international" format used and why would other formats not be allowed? To my knowledge in aviation and nautics worldwide Deg° Min,xx' is used and therefore it would also be useful to have this format for many people.

    I agree that there should be only one format for international communication but I cannot find that standard and it seems reality is much different to the ideal way.