messenger and data protection?

Funny or not?

I was approached to install the messenger app on a phone and see what it does.

I have so far no compatible device to it. However, on this phone explore app is installed and paired with a 66i.

Nice: the phone has no phone number as it has no SIM. No problem, I gave it an other number, received the code there and it did work to set it up.

To my big surprise, not only all correspondence of the paired 66i is shown in the messenger, but also full correspondence of two other garmin accounts which are both in completely different accounts. One is a personal account  with a Mini and the other is delorme device residing in enterprise account.

All messages which are stored on the server and can be seen via explore website can be read with all details, thought they are not any more on the devices.

The delorme device is switched off and does no communication and still the messenger can read his correspondence from the server.

The only common thing is that they have been communicating in the past together.

Not really funny