Share your mounting solutions/ideas

Due to the current absence of a mount system (except the lanyard hole), I am interested, which mounting solution/ideas you have found for yourself. I really hope that Garmin will offer something like Zoloe does soon.

The messenger is: 7,8 x 6,4 x 2,3 cm. Because I don’t already have my device, I used somthing with s similar size (hydrometer): 7,7 x 6.5 x 2,2 cm. This is an old MFH Molle Handyhalter, (tactical), which was laying around in my drawer. It fits perfect. You can put it on a belt or on a backpack strap (horizontal or vertical) and one pic I have added an additional carabiner. You will have easy access to the messenger  and I think because of the open structure of the pouch, the reception will not be disturbed. The price for the pouch was about max. 10€ (years ago).


After my messenger arrives, I will exchange the photosWink

  • Definitely looking for an option too. 

    I hiked today for a few hours with the Messenger in a backpack belt pocket (Osprey Talon 22) and it worked like a charm (including in medium foliage and facing hillside). Sent a bunch of test messages along the way and send times were low. Not convinced I need something better.

    I think backpack mounting may need to be adapted. On a vertical unit like a 66i or Mini, you want it high up on the shoulder so that the antenna sees front and back if possible.

    The Messenger probably has quite a deadspot in the back and no antenna that sticks out that can get a "better view". The ideal position is probably flat on top of the backpack (especially on high backpacks). Beyond that, more horizontal is still better, but that doesn't leave as many options. Maybe on top of the shoulder strap. After that, I am not sure there is a huge different between lower on the shoulder strap as per your pic and in a belt pouch.

  • This is a problem with this device. I bought it, but i’m thinking of returning it before using. I was excited about this unit, but I assumed it could be secured to the shoulder strap of my PFD, and in a manner that would see it have good connection to the satellite network. Why would Garmin not have a good mounting option? It’s totally bizarre to me. Am I missing something? 

  • No, they have only added a whole for a small lanyard.

    I have two mounts/bags ins use: the one from the pics above and a Tatonka neoprene case 1. Working both good at the shoulder strap or on a belt. Have not noticed any reception interferences. But it is a ..., that Garmin does not offer a good mounting solutio out of the box.

  • I agree. Thanks so much for sharing what you’ve come up with. 

  • I think Garmin had the "great" idea, that the users will put the messenger somewhere in a bag on top of a backpack (or side bag) or... and will use the messenger app for everything (except tracback..., but tracback is a different story...).

    As far, as I can say/have tested: the ir satellite receiption is great (new antenna design compared to the usual stub antennas), but I like to have the device ready to hand and don't want to have to fumble around in a backpack first.

  • I use mine lying vertically is a side belt pocket of my backpack and it works well. Obviously, it only has a view of a bit more than1/2 the sky, but it has been quite speedy at sending messages that way. A unit like a Mini 2 placed in the middle position on a shoulder strap doesn't get much a better view of the sky. I had a 66i and I didn't notice a major difference in connectivity.

  • I came up with the solution to use a mount system for mobile devices / power banks. It works like a charm! I chose the "Bone Collection Power Bank" mount and it fits the Messenger greatly!

  • That looks perfect, thanks!