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The million dollar question: new Messenger app compatibility?

Apparently the new app - bringing with it the long requested message transport unification - will be compatible with other Garmin inReach devices (following a firmware update).

So which devices???

On the one want I can't see any technical reason why this shouldn't be ALL of them (the new special sauce all happens on the phone, the device itself needs to know nothing about it).. on the other hand I can see Garmin possibly using this as a nudge to encourage users of legacy products to upgrade, especially as I suspect inReach products likely have a longer owner-decides-the-need-an-upgrade cycle vs other Garmin devices. Then again, inReach product lines stand out as one of their few lines to attract ongoing monthly subscription (vs. upfront cost only) so it does still pay for Garmin to keep their existing user base happy with new features.

(said differently: I really hope they give their legacy products some love here - I really want this feature!)

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    If there is no app connection via cell or wifi (the ping fails) messages are sent on the iridium network


    I only use inReach Mini 2 for communication via Iridium, so your stated problem and inadequacies are not relevant to me.

    Hope you get the features from Garmin you want.

  • Interestingly the inReach Mini 2 has Garmin Messenger already. So you can currently do Unlimited Cellular & Wi-Fi Messages for no cost. 

    That is what the 66i needs too of course. 

  •  The Garmin 66i was broken by irresponsible product management choices. (Click-bait)

    I seem to have been misunderstood here, hopefully this clears up the ask. 

    Garmin Product Issue. 
    What? The Gamin inReach devices like GPSMAP 66i was made outdatedcannibalized by Garmin Messenger in a major way. 
    When? When Garmin released Garmin Messenger
    Why? Instead of releasing a firmware update to the inReach devices (like 66i) and corresponding update the companion "Explore" app, they made a whole new product that was better at messaging to compete with Zoleo.
    Where? On existing inReach and all-in-one devices at time of Garmin Messenger release. (thanks for the mini2 update)

    User experience.
    I don't like buying brand new but outdated products. A customer purchasing the 66i all-in-one will find out it lacks the current messaging features.
    The all-in-one products are not updated. There is no next-gen all-in-one released as of Jan 3, 2023, there is just the 66i. Therefor the flagship product 66i was not updated.

    So customers have to buy two devices now instead of an all-in-one and that is a product gap that needs to be fixed. There is no current all-in-one device. 

    Brand new customers coming to Garmin to buy the best of its inReach products like the all-in-one 66i will be unimpressed with its lack of modern messaging so the feel of buying the product is one of disappointment in the product team. 

    Solution. Send updates to modern products at the same time instead of cannibalizing them. Or maybe at least publicly release timelines for feature parody. 

  • The Garmin 66i was broken by irresponsible product management choices.

    Yeah.... No.....

    The 66i still does everything it was designed to do and is advertised to do.

    No functionality was broken or removed.

    The 66i is NOT broken.

    Brand new customers coming to Garmin to buy the best of its inReach products like the all-in-one 66i will be unimpressed with its lack of modern messaging

    Will they?

    The 66i does everything it has ever been advertised to do, and does it better than most anything else released around the same time, and still  better than most modern competitor devices.

    Who would expect a device that was engineered more than 5 years can do all the same things new models released today can do? 

    Certainly not a reasonable person.

    A reasonable person would research the product, understand its capabilities, and make a decision based on that thoughtful research.

    Sounds to me like you just have a lot of SOUR GRAPES because a device you own that is 5+ years old doesn't do the same things brand new just released models' can do.

    I suggest using all those sour grapes to make wine instead.

    Oh, never mind, you already have.....

  • Yes! I also not cry/complain about the fact, that the F7x has better hw/software/features like a F5x+ or even F6x...Thats the way is.

    With his used logic, he has to complain/cry about the fact, that the messenger has no maps, no navigation features, no real compass, only a lanyard hole (no other mounting system by design), no...- so the messenger is a cannibalized device, because of lack of a lot of 66i features...Innocent

    But this always happens, if someone with an "old" device is frustrated because the new(er) one is released with better hw/sw/features...

  • You have resorted to name calling I see. You hurl stones, and secure your positions that no work needs to be done and no consideration needs be given. I have no loss here since I will just return the BRAND NEW 66i. I mean other than the time it took to communicate the shortcomings in hopes fore news they were being addressed.

    The 66i is a pile of junk now, too bad for everyone who worked so hard on it just a year or two ago or for the team who is STILL on that product.

    Future customers. DO NOT BUY THE 66i as it lacks modern messaging functionality and there is no reason to fix this.

    If you ask about it they will call you names and tell you the current device (the one they are selling) is old you have to wait for the future products that do not exist because keeping products up-to-date is not a priority at Garmin. No instead they just put their heads in the sand until another ZOLEO devices comes out and whoops them into oblivion. 

    Garmin gets motivation is from marketing funny hats not from real customer feedback or engagement. It is pointless to start conversation in this forum of obstinate trolls.

  • OK, enough is enough. Closing this thread because it's getting personal/abusive.