Trying to decide Mini vs 66i (current 64st user who may sell it ??)

I know, there's no real, perfect answer here, so am looking for experiences w/ choices others have made.

I currently own a GPSMAP 64st.    In virtually as-new condition.
Currently use Backcountry Navigator XE on my phone (for hiking and/or snowmobiling tracks, if not using the 64st).

Am considering adding InReach capabilities.

So, am debating:

1) Mini -- Use w/ smart phone & mapping there.   May or may not keep the 64st?

- This would allow me to use different maps w/ the smart phone and still have the mini for InReach.

- Necessitates needing to watch phone battery (manageable with the length of trips I take).

- Smaller mini.   

- Probably would never take the 64st + mini + phone ????

2) 66i - & sell the  64st.
- I do like sometimes having a dedicated GPS w/o dealing w/ the phone... put another way, I've been a part of Garmin's infrastructure dating back many models.   Still not 'the' expert w/ phone as my only/primary navigating device.   
- larger unit than the mini, if I really am only taking it for InReach.

- no need for the phone at all if I choose to go that way... or use phone just for pictures and not have to worry about battery as much

- $200 more than the mini.... but, can get > $200 for my 64st, so, sort of a wash if I sell my 64st

Your thoughts and experience as to why you went the way you did ?

  • Difficult to answer. If you take a 66i, you have the functionality of your 64st and inreach mini in one device. But if you use the mapping and navigating functionality the battery went down quickly and you have to carry an additional battery pack (because of a built in, not changeable battery). If you keep your 64st, you can use mapping etc. and use the inreach mini only from time to time/if needed and the battery of the inreach mini lasts longer. But for the 64st you have to carry additional batteries. I think you will carry your phone anyway with you, as a backup.

    If you are satisfied with your 64st, I would take an inreach mini. I am on a 66i, because I wanted something new (used an Oregon 550t before).