Activity Tracking vs Inreach Tracking


Is it possible to turn off activity tracking (cycling, hiking, whatever) and keep the Inreach tracking?

At the moment I have activity tracking set on least and the inreach tracking at 10 minutes.

I already have a superior activity tracking device (1030) and to avoid duplication and to maintain superior battery life for my emergency device, I want InReach tracking only.

I was able to do this on the Inreach Explorer +

If I pause or stop the activity tracking, it also stops the Inreach Tracking.

If I use expedition mode, it stops Inreach tracking.

Am I missing something?

  • I haven't looked at this lately - and it does change from time to time. The start/stop functions of activity logging and iR tracking are coupled in mysterious ways. The last time I looked at it carefully, it depended on where you started AND stopped the tracking function (recording controls or iR tracking). For example, starting activity tracking from recording controls did not start iR logging. But starting iR logging (from the iR tracking page) did start activity logging. Stopping iR tracking (from iR tracking page) "paused" the activity log, but restarting iR tracking did NOT resume it. It's a mysterious mess.

    YMMV with current f/w. On experimentation will tell you for sure. You can also try tech support but if I were you, I would carefully verify whatever they tell you. If you are unhappy with this coupling, please SAY SO when you talk to tech support. A lot of inReach users complain about this, but so far the complaints have not resulted in making the two functions independent as they were on earlier iR devices.

    Note that expedition mode should NOT stop iR tracking. Sending of track points might be delayed, as will message reception. In addition, if you have iR tracking enabled and expedition mode set to auto, pending track point sends may sometimes delay the device going back to sleep.