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Hi Just received my new 66i, awesome bit of kit, I’ve planned a route on the explore app then synced to 66i, I cannot find the route anywhere on the 66i, help me please

  • If it's on the device, the route will show up in two places.

    First, press Find, highlight the Routes icon, press Enter. Your route should appear for selection. Highlight it, press Enter and it will appear on the map with the option to follow the route (Go button on screen). If there are no routes on the device, I do not believe that the Routes icon appears on the Find screen.

    Second, you should be able to see it in the Route planner. From the main menu, highlight Route Planner and press Enter. Highlight the route, press Enter for various options. The Route Planner icon is always available since it allows you to add a route from the device itself.

    If you don't see your route but it shows up in the Explore app, chances are that you have run afoul of the complexity of collections. For each device, you must designate an "active collection". Things you create on the device go into this collection and are sync-d from the device to the app and web site. Anything you place in the active collection in the app or on the web site also gets sent to the device when you sync (activities excepted). You can also designate one or more additional collections to be sent to the device (but things created on the device are not sent to those collections). Yeah, I know, it's excessively complicated. 

    Bottom line: To get your route from the app to the device, you must (a) create a collection, (b) make it the active collection, (c) add the route to the active collection, and (d) sync. You can do all of that from the app.

    Add a collection from the Library "tab", Add button in the title bar for Collections.

    Set the active collection from the Devices tab, Collections Manager screen, Active Collection option. I don't actually remember what this looks like if you don't have an active collection yet. But this is where you manage it.

    Add the route to the collection starting from the Library tab, tap the active collection in the Collections list, tap the route icon (the two push-pins with the line between them), then tap +Add at the bottom. You will likely find your route in the library itself. So you want to tap the Routes item under Library on the Add From page. Tap to select the route, then tap Add at the top.

    One more sync and you ought to be there.

  • As mentioned, it does sound like a matter of either setting the Active Collection for the 66i, or, making sure the route you created is in the Active Collection you've chosen for the 66i. This article from our Support Center has steps for setting the Active Collection for a compatible watch, but the same steps apply to the 66i: 

    Setting Active Collection in Garmin Explore App to Send Waypoints, Routes & Tracks to an Outdoor Watch

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