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GPSMAP 66i software version 5.80

Change History

Changes made from version 5.50 to 5.80:

  • Fixed CIQ applications not being able to download content
  • Fixed coordinates display on the Satellite page when in demo mode
  • Fixed sending XERO locations to another device
  • Fixed rendering of overlapping BirdsEye maps
  • Fixed track review map not always centering on the track
  • Fixed native spelling of languages in the language selection list
  • Fixed address display when selecting messages from the map
  • Fixed right-to-left language issues in inReach Messages
  • Improved cold temperature battery capacity monitoring
  • Updated World Magnetic Model to 2020 release
  • Added file-based configuration of inReach Contacts, Quick Texts, and Presets for Professional users
  • Added over-the-air inReach settings profiles for Professional users
  • Added ability to automatically import GPX data from SD card for Professional users
  • Added created date and time to the inReach Message Details page
  • Added support for cancelling an inReach Communications Test
  • Renamed LiveTrack to Tracking