Stop GPS from automatically changing to a different hole/ Ranged distance is past the back of green GPS distance

Is there a way to stop the rangefinder from automatically changing the GPS overlay to a different hole?  Sometimes when I hit a drive left or right and it ends up on a different hole, when I try to look at hazards and get Pinpointer view, it has changed to a different hole.  For instance today I was on hole 16 and hit my ball to the right onto the rough between hole 16 and the neighboring hole 14.  When I tried to use Pinpointer view and look for hazards it didn't look correct.  I realized that the GPS had changed over to hole 14.  It would be nice if the rangefinder wouldn't automatically do this since there would really be no reason I would be playing two holes prior all of the sudden.  

Also, is there a way to fix the distances to the front and back of the green being shorter than my ranged distance?  Today I had a tanged distance of 178 yards and the back of the green GPS showed 162 yards.  How can the pin be 1 yards past the actual green?  I ranged the flag with my dad's Bushnell and it also showed 178 yards to the flag.  So I know the ranged distance was correct, or at least the same between the devices.  

  • I do not know if this works but maybe it stays on the hole you are playing when you use the built in scorecard to record your scores.

    I have the same issues sometime also when the ball lands on opposite fairway of the hole i am playing.

    I do not use the scorecard on the z82 because i use the automatic scoring with ct10 on my marq golfer watch.

    But i agree there should be some sort of option/update to prevent this

    I also have sometimes the fmb distances wrongly measured by gps compared to where the pin is. 

    I think this has to do with the fact GPS can have errors in reading the correct measurements.

    That is why a rangefinder is imo better then a gps watch only.

    Because these 5-10-15 meters off read that can happen sometimes by gps can make a real difference in your strokes.

    Link for more info about gps accuracy: