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Laser Image Not Working

This is my 2nd Z82.  Returned the first one as the laser ranges were way off (would read 125 yards to the flag even though the front of the green was 135 yards on both the Z82 and my Garmin watch). Now my Z82 won’t show the image of the green/pin. The screen is working...the menu shows up and the image of the hole and hazards shows on the left. But in the main screen area, I can see the red dot for the laser but the screen is blank. It’s bizarre.  I did multiple system resets and nothing. When I try to range something, I think it works.  But I can’t see any image at all.  Help.

  • I am really sorry your 2nd Approach Z82 is having a serious issue. Given you have already completed system resets and still have no image, I have sent you a Private Message. When there is an issue visually, the reset is the most you can do.