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Please add wind speed by "meter per second" (m/s) to Z82

Very few countries in Europe use km/h. Instead weather forecasts are delivered with wind speed measured in m/s (meter per second). Getting a value of 30 km/h in the viewfinder requires some serious head calculations to swiftly understand the wind speed prior making a shot. 

Ideally the wind speed should be selectable between m/s, km/h and mph. That would accommodate almost all players around the globe. Pretty much the same way you can set meter or yards.


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  • Thank you for your patience while I researched your question and request. Here is what I learned:

    Within Settings > and the Wind settings menu, you can select wind presented as MPH, KMP, and M/S

  • Thanks!
    I have no idea how I came to miss this setting. I thought I went through all options?! Perhaps it is not present until a smartphone is paired. Never the less, this was great news! And again, thank you Chris. Your presence in this forum and speedy answers really adds an extra, almost personal, experience using the great Garmin products!

    Kudos man!!