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Z82 vs Z80, why the secrecy

When will Garmin release the full spec of Z82 for a detailed comparison against the Z80?

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  • Our Garmin products can be found on our Garmin Webpage and each product has a full overview page of the product, a full breakdown of specifications, what's in the box, and compatible accessories when you scroll down. This pattern has held true going back to even 10+ year old devices like our first golf watch, the Approach S1.

  • Yes, I follow your products carefully since I tend to buy many of them. But with Z82 vs Z80 the info is very limited. It says it has "Improved viewfinder and camera optics". How is that supposed to be interpreted? Other functions are not explained, i.e. scorecard, measure shots? Is that done with the Z82 or shown in the viewfinder if registered on smartphone etc. etc. I have attached a picture which leaves a lot more to understand prior selecting z82 over z80. I will buy one of them, key is which one. In golf everything is about spec:-)


  • Today I bought the Z82 despite being priced €160 more. The reseller could not offer any information about the new optics or viewfinder. All I got was that it connects to your smartphone. Having read the complete manual still no answer. Great product though. 

  • "Improved viewfinder and camera optics"

     - It has a nice marketing ring to it. As for what it implies, optics is a fancy word representing the improvements in the quality of the lens you are looking into and the overall abilities of the viewfinder itself such as the locking in and image stabilization when looking down the course to the green.

  • Knubblo - Thanks for the information, looking to purchase a Z80 or Z82, i understand from the spec that the Z80 has no interface with your smartphone, in your opinion is this worth having.

  • Hi, 

    The smartphone connection is not allowed in tournaments but it is a fun feature. No need though. But the viewfinder and locking works better with z82 including the very good feature of stepping through the premeasured hazards incl a zoomed view of the area. Buy z82 if you can.