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Approach S70 System Software 14.32

Hello Approach S70 users, 

Today we started the rollout of System Software 14.31, currently we are at 30% with this rollout, and we will increase the % as time goes by. 

Change Log 

Added the radial hole picker to the main golf page.
Updated the appearance of the main golf page when the device is idle.
Added Edit Club option for the current shot in Measure Shot if using the club prompt.
Fixed potential issue where invalid weather data could be used in PlaysLike calculations.
Added ability to set multiple locations and view air quality in the Weather app.
Added new activity profiles for Ice Skating and racquet sports.
Added Workouts app.
Added support for Red Shift.
Added Do Not Disturb setting for sleep mode.
Added controls menu options for ABC, Calendar, Notifications, and Pulse Ox.