Wrong green location, Leonay Golf Course, NSW, Australia

I play golf at Leonay GC, NSW Australia. The 4th hole is a par 4, has been played off a temporary tee and made a par 3 using the original par 4 green.  The new T area is now close to the dogleg and 112m from the centre of green for white markers in the middle of the old fairway. Within the last month Garmin updated the course to show it as a par 3. At that time Garmin also moved the Green to show the greenkeepers growing green as the target green which is incorrect (dogleg left). The Green keepers green is 20-30m further from the new T area than the actual green. Those using Garmin products now hit well past the actual green.  Please revert it back to the previous green which is at the end of a dogleg right. New T area is just before the dogleg. Thank you