Garmin Express server connect errors?

Anyone else getting Garmin Express server connect errors while trying to update to the latest course maps?  Garmin Express said new versions available to install but I've not been able to get them applied as Garmin Express keeps now indicating server connection errors.

  • If you are seeing a server error when using the Garmin Express program, consider the following info outlined below: 

    • Ensure you are using a personal home computer and not a work computer. Security software implemented for enterprise computer system will prevent the Garmin Express program from operating properly for the system access required in order for the program to work.
    • Make sure all Windows or MacOS updates are installed with the OS up to date for the most current version offered by the manufacturer of your computer. 
    • Open the settings gear in the Express program to the About section to check for updates to the Garmin Express program to ensure it is up to date on the most current version of software offered from Garmin.
    • Enable "Run as Administrator" for the Garmin Express program. 
    • Clear the cache for the default web browser set for your computer. 
    • Restart your computer > Uninstall and reinstall the Garmin Express program. 
    • Follow steps outlined on the Garmin Support page linked here: Garmin Express Displays a Server Error Message
    • Contact Garmin Support if you are unable to resolve the concern so they can gather more info to determine further solutions. 
  • On the latest Mac Os version, Garmin Express opens and connect the watch correctly but seems to be having difficulties when searching for an update

  • What specifically are you seeing in the Express window when opening the device page? Are you seeing updates are available to install? there an error or alert appearing when attempting to install the updates? 

    As of March 1st, 2024 the most current version of Garmin Express for Mac is version 7.20.0. Have you verified that the Garmin Express program is up to date to the most current version? To check, click the Garmin Express dropdown menu displayed at the top toolbar of your mac screen > Select the About option and you should then see the option to check for updates, which also shows the version currently installed directly on the page. 

  • Hi

    the app shows that my watch is connected but it keeps looking for updates, so none are available. 

    The wheel keeps searching with no result

    the version installed is

    I have a mac book pro M3 and Mac OS Sonoma 14.4.1

  • Try moving Express program to the trashcan > Empty the Trash > Restart the Mac > Reinstall Garmin Express directly from 

    Once Express is reinstalled, see if the concern continues after getting your device re-added back to Express program. 

    Contact Garmin Support if you continue to have concerns. 

  • Hello

    I did the full uninstall as indicated there:

    After reinstallation of the software,  it worked

    Thanks for your help