Approach S62

I recently accidentally deleted a round off of my Garmin Golf App that I want to recover. The data still appears to be on my watch, but I want to know how to recover it on my App again. It also does not appear on the Garmin Connect App.

  • The Approach S62's scorecard storage folder will typically delete the round after it is synced to your account to free up storage on the historical scorecards cannot be viewed directly on the device. Typically if the .FIT file saved within scorecards is still stored on directly on the watch, the scorecard should still transfer over to your account upon the S62 syncing again to your account. So if you deleted the scorecard, and the scorecard is not appearing again in your account after your watch is synced...the scorecard is likely not able to be recovered. 

    The only way to see if the round that was deleted is still stored on the Approach S62, you must connect the S62 to a Windows or Mac home computer through USB using the charging cable provided with the watch. 

    If using Windows, hold Windows Key down and tap Letter E to open the File Explorer > Open the Garmin (:) or Approach (:) device drive showing under the "This PC" section of File Explorer > Open the GARMIN folder to reveal a bunch of other sub-folders in the storage > Then open the SCORECARD folder and see if there are any .FIT files showing listed that match the creation date for the round you deleted from the account. If there is not a .FIT file showing a creation date that matches the round you recorded...then the scorecard cannot be recovered. If there is a .FIT file in the SCORECARD folder that matches the date for the round, then follow the steps on the Garmin Support page linked below to import the file to your account: 

    Note: If using a Mac computer, the GARMIN folder cannot be viewed through Finder and must be accessed using a 3rd party file viewer installed to the Mac, as the Mac will not read the MTP (Mass Transfer Protocol) format for the storage on the S62. Android File Transfer is one option many users install to Mac and is available to download to a MacOS computer directly from Google's website.