S62 has stopped connecting via Bluetooth

My s62 has stopped connecting via Bluetooth to any phone I try and pair it with.. I've reset it updated it etc etc and noting works. Very frustrating. Anyone experience similar? Disappointing such an expensive watch comes with such a poor warranty. 

  • The Garmin Support pages outlined in the links below offer in-depth troubleshooting suggestions specific to both Android and specific to iPhone: 

    The steps below outline the pairing process required, in the order the steps are outlined: 

    1. Ensure you are opening the Garmin Golf app on your smartphone first > Open the main menu > Select Garmin Devices from the menu.
    2. Then on your actual watch, tap the middle button on the side from the time screen > Select the Settings box > Scroll down to the Phone section and tap on where Phone (Status) is showing in the menu to open the Phone settings menu > Then on the next screen, tap the Pair Phone option at the bottom of the list to put the watch into pairing mode.
    3. On your phone in the Garmin Devices menu of the golf app, tap the red "Add Device button" displayed at the bottom of the menu > Select your device > Tap "Connect it" > Your watch will then display the 6-digit pairing code on the screen > Enter the code into the box in the golf app when prompted > Then complete the rest of the setup screens in the Garmin Golf app.
    4. If you are using an Android smartphone and the steps above are being followed....check your Android Settings app > Select the Apps option > Select the Garmin Golf app from the list of apps installed to your phone > Make sure the Garmin Golf app has permissions allowed to connect to nearby devices.
    5. If using iPhone, open the iOS settings app > Select the Bluetooth option > If your Approach device name is showing in the list, tap the ( i ) next to the device name > Select "Forget this device" on the next screen > Then proceed with the pairing steps once again through the Garmin Golf app and the watch should then connect. 

    Contact Garmin Support for further solutions if the steps outlined in the support links and steps above do not resolve the concern.

  • Didn't work. Tried everything. 

  • Well based on the amount info you provided, I am not sure what else to suggest with the current details available.

    If you are still stuck with it, contact Garmin Support to discuss the issue with a Garmin Golf specialist for further solutions.