My S 62 keeps freezing up, cannot get to settings hard to turn off and on

My S 62 watch keeps freezing up. It is frozen on the clock face hard to turn off and on.

  • Try performing a soft reset on the watch by pressing and holding the middle button on the side of the watch, making sure to keep the button held until you see the display suddenly go blank >  Then release the button (takes about 10-15 seconds of holding down the button) > Then power your watch back on by briefly holding the same middle button on the side of the watch > Upon reboot see if the watch is still freezing. 

    If you have any 3rd party watch faces or other 3rd party developed content like widgets installed to the watch, try uninstalling them from the Garmin Connect mobile app < Then open the Garmin Golf app and sync your watch for the removal to take effect. Once removed, see if that results in the watch no longer freezing. 

    The other factor that could be affecting the watch in the manner you mentioned is storage becoming full. Restoring defaults through the System settings menu on the watch can help free up storage if that is causing the watch to operate slow or freeze up. 

    Below are links to our support center offering additional info regarding the watch freezing up, and removal of Connect iQ Store content off of the watch: