Virtual caddie

Virtual Caddie: now the S70 has been released with an ‘updated’ caddie, it raises the question of how the metric is calculated on the s62. On the s62 it appears to calculate from average club distance and wind. Is shot dispersion also accounted for?

I’m also presuming hazards aren’t considered, so the %choice needs to be matched to hazards ahead?

  • I have the S62.  Hopefully, the updated Virtual Caddie for the S70 fixes the algorithm.  I worked with Garmin over 6 weeks to address my Virtual Caddie making erroneous suggestions on about half of the Par 3s, regardless of course played.  Finally, they sent me a new S62.  Result: Same issues.  The running joke with my golf buddies is what club selection my "magic watch" will suggest this time!   The jokes NEVER end.  I asked Garmin to refund me the difference between the S62 and the S12, send me an S12, and call it a day, but they balked and sent me a new S62 which still has the same issues.  Reality:  I've been working in the IT industry for years.  These days, the mantra is: Perfection is the enemy of good.  Meaning, create mediocre software and just get it out there for purchase, then fix the bugs later.  Problem:  Fixing those bugs becomes what is called technical debt...which means it never gets fixed.