Why does the S62 count golf cart miles for my daily miles in Connect app?

When playing in golf mode it calculates my miles riding in golf cart to my total daily miles. My previous Garmin watches did not do this.  It's not counting it as steps, which is good, but don't want my riding counting as a factor of my daily miles.

  • Agreed, would like an answer to this question.  It greatly skews your daily/weekly totals for how much exercise you're achieving.  

  • Is there an update or fix for this? My S62 does the same thing. 

  • Yeah a simple "cart" mode would be nice. I walk most of my rounds but cart maybe once a month. I don't want the cart round being included in my fitness data as walked!

  • The watch offers the feature of recording golf rounds saved separately as an activity, in addition to the separate scorecard from the round. 

    If the, "Save as Activity" option in Golf Settings is enabled, connect will store the saved round of golf as an activity, which will have the GPS map and location throughout the duration of the round. 

    The distance for the golf activity is simply showing the distance covered within the activity, and steps are not associated directly with the golf activity. 

    The watch continues to track steps during an activity as it does throughout an entire day normally using natural movement of the arm per how the sensor is programmed to track throughout your day when you are driving a car, in public transportation, etc.

    The golf cart during the round is not affecting your steps, and the distance during the round of golf will be a combination of both walking/riding in cart to account for the total distance during the activity. 

  • Good points. I would like to see a carry bag vs cart powered option for calorie burn tracking.  I track calories and the burn between riding 18 and carrying your bag for 18 should have a significant estimated variance. 

  • The distance recorded during the golf activity are not attributing to the calories burned during golf activities. The actual movement, heart rate, and then user profile for age, height, weight, gender are all of the factors contributing to the calories burned. 

    Regardless of whether you are walking or riding...the calories burned will not be affected by the distance recorded. 

  • Friday I walked and carried my bag and it said I burned 880 calories.  4:30 and 7.5 miles.  Today I rode in a cart - 4:40 and 7.55 miles 1007 calories. No way I burned more calories riding in a cart.  

  • The distance recorded during the activity has no affect on the calories that were showing burned during the activity. The calories burned during the golf activity are related to heart rate, steps, and the amount that would be burned per the info in your User Profile. 

    If you have questions regarding the amount shown for calories burned, I would recommend contacting Garmin Support so they can confirm your account, look at the info you are seeing, and give you information determining why the amounts are different.