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Double scorecard, deleted one, now both scorecards and data gone!

New S62..Keep having 2 issues. 1) double scorecard showed up. Was unable to edit the club selection, so I deleted one thinking that was the problem. Then both disappeared, so now I lost all my data. I can re-add scores, but i got the s62 to be able to keep track of club data. 2) Club data takes up to 36 hours to populate.

  • I did that a time or two also.  What I have found is that you need to refresh the scorecard data a few times until the two cards merge.  NEVER delete either card, as that will end up deleting both, as we've learned the hard way.  My data is usually uploaded and merged within a few minutes of posting...

  • If you still have the scorecard on your watch (check connected to a computer: This PC > Approach S62 > Primary > GARMIN > SCORCRDS) then you can use the Garmin Express app to clear the upload data and get your scorecard back. 

    Open Garmin Express, select your device, go to Tools and Content, Utilities in the top bar, then scroll down to Clear Upload History and select the action button. This cleared up my Garmin Connect issues and brought back missing scorecards. 

  • Once you round is over, make to verify the sync is occurring by opening the main menu in the Golf app > Select Garmin Devices > Tap the sync button next to your watch showing listed on screen > Leave app open without closing or quitting it > Verify your scorecard is then showing in the Scorecards tab from the home screen. 

    The watch may not automatically sync right after the round as the device does not constantly sync throughout the this would drain battery much more keep in mind that the watch will sync periodically throughout the day, or if you manually sync through the device menu to ensure it syncs when you are expecting to view the round info right after it was saved to the watch. 

    Ensure to always pause the round and start it on the correct hole if you are planning on spending time inside the clubhouse after finishing 9 holes, and then resume the round on hole 10, so there is not two 9 hole scorecards saved for one 18-hole round...after ending (not pausing) at the 9 hole turn.