S62 not automatically switching from hole 18 to hole 1

If I start play from a hole other than hole 1, after hole 18 is completed and the score confirmed, the watch doesn't automatically switch to hole 1 or offer any prompt.  Instead, it just says on hole 18.  I need to manually switch to hole 1 and if it's not noticed, then any shots at the beginning of hole 1 are not recorded.

  • At this time, our Golf products do not automatically switch from hole 18 to hole 1 if you started on a different hole in a shotgun tournament. I recently wrote a request for our golf engineers consideration to have the ability introduced into our current generation golf products.

    For all customers that see this thread and wish to have the same feature added into our golf products, please highlight my name and send me a Private Message with a note of wanting this as a new feature. Thank you!