Problem with Handicap Scoring when playing 9 holes, and stableford scoring.

Hi, I'm having some problems with the automatic handicap scoring (stableford). When using Local Handicap the watch calculates the extra shots correctly on the 18 hole course, but when I'm playing the 9 hole course It's totally wrong. It's adding 6 shots too many than what it should be. When I got 19 points the watch calculated it to 25 points (and as you can see below It's not even calculating the score for each hole correctly) and I can see that alot of holes have one extra shot on them compared to what it should be. Any ideas why that happens? Shouldn't the watch automaticly get the correct amount of extra shots aslong as the course is in the watch and you use the correct Local Handicap?

The courses are Pitea Golfklubb and Pitea Golfklubb 9 holes


Also I noticed something else, how is the score even calculated? Like first hole is a par 5 where it says i got 2 extra shots (which should be 1 only if correct I'm pretty sure) and I made a par, yet it only counts it as 3 points, shouldnt it be 4? You should get 2 points for being on your "handicap" but I was two under so should be 4 points and not 3? If you look at hole 7 it is calculated correctly since It gave me 3 points for being 1 over par. While on hole 8 it gave me only 3 for being on par with 2 extra shots, but hole 5 gave me 4 points for being on par with 2 extra shots (which is correctly calculated). So something seems very off, both how it calculates extra shots from Local Handicap and how it calculates score based on extra shots.

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