A few questions

1) I am having a tough time seeing the watch face when watch is idle (meaning tough to read if I’m not using touch screen). I would like it to be backlight at all times. Is that possible or is there a way to increase brightness on the watch? 

2) My phone appears to be synched via Connect, but when I go to the the Connect app, I receive a warning message saying “Synch failed and Approach 62 not connected”. I then try to re-synch and get the same error message. However, when I go to my watch, it says it’s connected. Very confusing. 

3) I have read multiple troubleshooting answers about how to receive smart Messages but still not able to make it work. My calendar synchs but can’t get texts or email notifications. Also tried shutting down the phone and same result.

4) I have tried to get Gesturing to work but doesn’t appear to be working. I go to settings>system>backlight and turn on gestures but doesn’t turn backlight on.

5) Garmin Pay - doesn’t work with my credit cards from any of my 2 banks and simply indicates “issuing bank not participating in Garmin Pay”. Very frustrating because this is one of the main reasons I bought the watch. 

As an aside, I’m using an Apple phone w most current OS.