Can’t get score tracking to work

Hi guys,

I am struggling to get the S62 to act consistently when recording strokes. 

My specific issues:

Chip shot missed by autoshot. No way to add it by holding in big red button or something intuitive? 

Putt missed by autoshot/CT10. To me it would be so obvious to have the wearer hold or double tap the button while standing at the ball to mark it as a putting stroke. 

Watch sometimes asks me for number of strokes and putts while on green, sometimes it doesn’t want to know. How do I force it to?

How can I set it up so I can record a wedge shot as a chip so it doesn’t mess up my average yardages with a specific club? I use SW around the greens, but I want my yardage to be calculated on full shots only. If I have a CT10 in it then it goes down as a SW shot. 

How can I reset stats for a specific club?

  • Given the large number of questions, there are multiple articles that will assist you further in our Support Center for your Approach S62. If you do not see what you are looking for in the default topics, I often click the Other box and type in what you I am searching for.

    These articles will help:

    Autoshot Accuracy Recommendations

    Viewing Shot History and Adding a Shot taken from your manual. It can be fully downloaded in PDF from this page.

    Anything not addressed, sometimes it is best to reach out to our Golf Product Support for your region for further assistance and we will gladly go over and assist you with your new watch.

  • The watch normally asks for the number of shots at the end of a hole so you can add the chip shots to then to make the total correct but you would have to edit the club used in Garmin Connect on your PC.

    Missed putts, again the watch should ask for the number of shots at the end of the hole so you can add the correct number of shots then and tell it the number of putts and penalties.

    I think it only asks the number of strokes if it has sensed a possible stroke, if there have been nothing but solid shots and putts then it often goes to the next hole without asking the number of shots.  You can't force it to always ask but you can press top right button then enter scorecard and correct the total for that hole, it will then ask number of shot, putts and penalties as per usual.

    If you duff a shot and don't want it to affect your average distances then just push bottom right button when it asks which club; it will then just register a shot but not assign a club to it.