Find my S62 using my phone.

The S62 manual says this.

>Find my phone
>Locates your lost smartphone that is paired with your Approach device and currently within range.

>Find my device
>Locates your lost Approach device that is paired with your smarphone and currently within range.

I understand how to do the first one. How do you find the S62 using the second one?

And I copied and pasted right from the online manual and that is how smartphone was spelled. 

  • So nevermind, I found it. On the phone go to the device and at the very bottom it says "Find my device".

    I was hoping for a beep but it only vibrates. 

  • i was messing around with this last night.

    when i tried the Find my phone, my phone never made a sound, except i saw notifictionn on the phone that said it had been located. i had the phone right next to me because i wanted to just see what happens.

    i just tried the find my device, using the phone and Find my device, but i get an error that says my s62 isnt connected even though at the top of the sceen it shows its connected..