Stay away from the Approach S60

If you want a reliable device to capture your Golf rounds, stay away from this product. It has clearly designed by someone who never played golf for real.

First of all, the software running on the watch is not robust. A couple of times, my watch just froze and the only way to get out of the software was to reboot the watch which obviously defeat the whole purpose when this happens in the middle of your game.

Second, when you are playing a 18 holes and if some reasons (rangers' instructions for example) you have to jump from hole 5 to 8, proceed and then come back later to finish hole 6 and 7, you are screwed. The software can not handle this and you will get ALL of your following shots registered as being part of hole 5. If only they had a decent UI to allow you to update those wrongly assigned shots (see next).

Third, the UI is anything but useful and professional. Again, nobody seriously playing Golf has designed this UI. No way to zoom or out from the map showing you your shots. No way to move one shot from one hole to another one when the watch got it wrong (see previous bullet point).

Fourth, this watch will stress you for things as simple as this: after hole 9, why the hell is it asking if we want to resume the round or not!! It should be the default. You could tell me that "Hey not a big deal". Well it is, because if you don't see that message when heading to hole 10 and you miss the time window to click on resume, then you are totally screwed and you can not resume playing successfully. This is what happened to me yesterday. Lost my entire round and now when I try to sync my watch with my desktop, it throws an error.

At that price, it is unacceptable to get such a poor quality. I highly recommend to stay away from this product if you want to play golf without the frustration of having to deal with this crap at the same time.

Only good point? Battery life. But what's the point if the rest is not working properly.