Scorecard not synched after S60 APAC update to 7.30

My watch S60 APAC updated to 7.30 this weekend via the iOS app.

Since then my watch no longer syncs scorecards.

App is latest version.

Has anyone an idea?

  • I am sorry it stopped syncing. When you open the Golf APP and/or Connect Mobile APP, whether your watch is being seen correctly showing connected or not connected is a big factor after your Approach S60 software update.

    Generally speaking, it depends on the specifics of what is being experienced, for which direction to proceed.

    - Hard reset your Approach S60 by holding down the power button until it shuts off, then let go of the button.

    - Turn your smartphone off and on along with force closing the APPS on your smartphone and opening the Golf APP/Connect Mobile again

    - Try syncing your watch with Garmin Express on a computer to see if the sync is successful and your scorecard now shows on Garmin Connect online and in your Golf APP

    - Remove your Approach S60 out of the Golf APP/Connect APP and remove it from your smartphone's Bluetooth Settings menu

    - Bluetooth pair again going through the Golf APP directly

    If your issue continues, please reach out to your regions Golf Product Support and we will gladly assist further.