Approach S60 no longer records my sleep

For the past 4 nights, my Garmin Approach S60 has not been recording my sleep times. I tried a few things - turning off bluetooth and on again, re-pairing my phone with my S60 device, turning my S60 off and on again, turning my iPhone off and on again - nothing seems to be working. Is anybody else experiencing similar problems?

  • I had this problem a few months ago. I had to delete the bluetooth connection to my phone, delete the connect app from the phone, reset the S60 to factory settings, install the connect app on my phone again and pair the S60. After doing this the S60 started recording sleep and my golf shots again. I have not had the problem again since I did that. I thought the software update had fixed that problem so if you are not on the latest software you might want to do that first.