S60 US used in Sweden

I've bought my S60 in US but I live in Sweden. When the device have been out of battery for a while it always goes back to lap = 1,6 km instead of 1.0 km as I configured. Furthermore, the gps takes 20 min to find satellites. Is there a way to set up the watch as Swedish/european once and forever?

  • Your Approach S60, despite being purchased in the United States, has worldwide Golf courses on it. (41,000+ courses) There is no discernible difference between the North America versions and EU versions since all golf products have worldwide Golf mapping. (Please note: physical location of the purchase becomes critical only for some countries, IE: Asia and the Middle East, since the software is unique to properly present language special characters.)

    What you are describing is an issue with the Approach S60's normal functionality. I am sorry it is not working correctly. Please contact our Sweden Product Support and we will gladly assist you further.