Please add MANUAL strokes/shots on the S60

Please, add the ability to add manual strokes/shots! How hard can it be to enable this feature when its apparently available on the cheaper S40. The S60 auto swing detect for shots is sometimes useless and doesn't register many of my Driver swings and almost never a 50% or 75% wedge swing. And yes I have calibrated my swings for all clubs in the watch. 

This is not only frustrating but also makes the S60 device quite useless for round statistics and to track the shots on the maps. Many par 3 holes just shows a tee shot and then im instantly on gree because my wedge shot 6 feet from green was never added and cant even be added manually.

Me and my girlfriend just bought two S60 last week, spent over 800 Euro on this and have been using it for a few rounds. Now we seriously consider to refund this product if you dont add the ability to add manual shots during every hole.

Just put a small + icon above the map, and when we click on it, it reads our position and we get asked for which club we used. It should be THAT difficult to add? I see people have been asking for this for a year now. Its ridiculous. 

So PLEASE Garmin add this feature very soon, before we regret our purchases. 

And no, Im not going to spending another 600 Euro on two sets of CT10... having tracking pucks on each club is not a solution for a serious golfer..