Other way to view distance hazards?


Is there a other way to view the exact distances to hazards like bunkers and water other than to pin point on the overlay of the map? 

I thought i would be handy the way it is, but i find it difficult with my fat fingers to place the pin point exactly before and after a bunker to view the distance.

Like on the new S40 watch you can view the exact distances before and after hazards in a split of a second, instead of trying to point it twice with your finger. 

Or maybe Garmin can update this feature you have on the S40 watch to the (more expensive) S60 watch? 


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    The other day i was with my friend on the course. He had a new watch, the Garmin S10. 

    In a single click he could see the distance back and forth of a bunker, while i was trying to see the same distance on my S60 watch, trying with my fat fingers to select the back of the bunker and then the beginning of the bunker. 

    Request: The data is there, can you make an update on the S60 watch to make distance to hazards very simple? 

  • Don't compare apples and oranges. The Garmin S10 does not show the layout of a hole. So you need text information about the hazards.

    On the S60 just tap on the screen near the hazard you want to see the distance. Then there is a + sign on the screen. Tap the + and zoom to the position you marked. Then you can move it closer to the position you want to have it. And that works with stubby finges as well.


  • I agree with OP on this. I have s60 and my wife has s40.  

    I end up asking my wife for hazard distances as can't be bothered to tap wait zoom wait tap and move. It's laggy and takes ages. 

    I'm thinking about selling my s60 and going down to the s40 as prefer the simple hazard layout option.  I also don't see why garmin can't do an update to allow a simple hazard view option so you could have it either way.

    It's like it's a premium feature that is a step back. It's nice to see an overview of how a hole looks but for yardages you want to have the numbers on screen in an instant. 


  • I also agree with the original poster.  Messing with the pinpoint feature slows down the golf group, and distracts from the shot.  The watch is supposed to simplify things, not make it harder.  I thought I was just missing something or doing it wrong, till I came upon this thread.  What a disappointment, Garmin.  

  • Can someone from garmin respind to this question. I think it is very relevant, since the UX to tap on a very small screen is beaten bij the possibility the S40 has regarding hazards

  • Just noticed this has also changed on my Fenix 6. Used to be easy to select hazards etc now you have to use the pinpoint feature which is time consuming and fiddly. You just need the easiest and quickest way to view distances to bunkers, water etc. Please bring the old method back for golf users. 

  • I would also love a response from Garmin on this. Would swap my s60 for a less expensive model because of this irritating feature. Can we please get an update to fix this? 

  • Thank you for your suggestion. I will gladly pass along your request.

  • Hi Chris, Great someone from Garmin woke up :-)
    Please fix this for all the users that are looking out for it. Can't be that difficult since 99% of the software is the same for different models. Isn/t that so?

  • This is also a problem with the golf function on the Fenix series.

    Hazard distance was one of my most used features on the App when using the 5x, and I am completely baffled by the way it is implemented on the 6x (no touchscreen either). In a time where we are trying to speed up the game this is now virtually unusable.