Old round still in watch memory when starting new round

This just started a couple weeks ago. When I save a round it works fine. But then when I start a new round, it doesn't record strokes maybe because the old scores and strokes are still in memory. I see this when I look at the scorecard. It used to clear the old round out when starting new. I also have ct10 sensors paired with this S42.

What can I do to get it to work right?

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  • There are some suggestions that may help can be found on the My Garmin Golf Watch Is Not Detecting Shots Automatically support center page on the Garmin website. 

    Some additional factors include: 

    • Check the settings menu on the S42 to ensure the "Wrist Worn On" setting is set either left or right wrist per the wrist the watch is being worn on. 
    • Ensure the shot banner at the top of the screen begins measuring distance after the impact of the ball hitting the club face appears after taking a full swing shot. 
    • You can also enable club prompt within the Golf Settings menu, which will cause the screen to show your club list after a full swing shot is detected, which can helps to know your shots are being tracked throughout the round. 
    • Make sure the screen is showing the front, middle, and back distances prior to taking a full swing shot, and confirm clubs/score/stats when prompted on the screen of the watch before taking another shot/teeing off on another hole. 
    • Be sure to sync your watch frequently to ensure storage space is not affecting performance or recording of metrics. 
    • Make sure your watch is up to date on software.