Tee box selection

The S42 provides 5 tee box selections but the Golf app and Connect web only allow 4.  Thus, a watch selection of tee 4 translates to green in the app which is the second tee on the list when the round is saved and synced with the app

  • Edited March 10, 2023: 

    I am happy to announce our team has implemented the fix to the tee box selection options, which will be available next future update being released. We do not have an exact date for the next update, but should not take much longer to become available. (Capri Isles). 

    Thanks again for making us aware of the concern, and contributing to the forums! 

  • Cody, thanks for your quick response.   I understand that the watch may have a more sophisticated method of calculating handicap and so forth... but, all of the information about a round including shots, clubs used and user profile seem to track accurately during sync to web Connect or the Android app except the tee box selected on the watch is not reflected in the display on Connect or the app.  Not looking for advanced handicap calculation, just an accurate history display.  Seems that the non watch software needs to be updated to allow for the selection of 5 tee boxes so there would be a 1 to 1 match with the watch selection.