Feature request: edit round date and add comments

Hi Garmin !

Really like my new Approach S42.

Nevertheless, I thing that the Golf app could be improved with few new functionalities.

I'd like to be able to edit the date of a round.
It it possible to add scorecard manually but it set the date of the day the scorecard is added in the app and so, makes edition of old scorecards impossible.

Moreover, I'd like to be able to add comments on a round (to describe conditions, weather, etc.) and possibly on each hole.

Please, could you add these functions, it would make the user experience more enjoyable.

Thanks !


  • Scorecards have the date they were recorded locked accurately for day round is recorded. Changing the date of the scorecard is not one of the edit options available to make adjustments to the round that was recorded. 

    You can create a scorecard by Manually Entering a Scorecard With the Garmin Golf App but the scorecard date will reflect the day it was created, can cannot have the date changed by the user. 

    More info available within Understanding Scorecards in the Garmin Golf App support page as well. 

    You can submit feature requests through the Garmin Ideas page on the site as an option too. 

  • Cody, For the price I paid for my S70, this is unacceptable and to know Garmin has the technology to make this feature available to its customers, it’s even more unacceptable. Do better.

  • In my previous response I linked the Garmin Ideas page where user's can outline what features they would like to see updated or changed in detail, which submits your feedback request as well. This sends your feedback directly to the team responsible for further considering feedback related to what you have mentioned on this post thread. 

    Scorecards get timestamped when generated and created and saved through a Garmin golf compatible device, along with the location information for record to be synced to the Garmin Golf app. The system bases much of the performance stat and handicap info based on the date the scorecard was recorded, and currently does not allow the manipulation of the date due to the system interpretation of the timestamp embedded into the scorecard file when synced over. 

    Old scorecards can be synced over from the device to the account via syncing directly to the Garmin Golf app, or through wired connection of the device via Garmin Express to the account. 

    The date the scorecards are synced is not reflected in the date the actual scorecard was recorded in the account...the date the scorecard was created and recorded is reflected on the scorecard accurately as that info is saved to the scorecard directly on the device.