Distance indication frozen

I recently bought an S42 in Germany with Software version 6.4. When I used the watch the very first time on my home golf course, I recognized that the distance indications (meter values) were frozen. While approaching hole 1, the distances indicated on the watch remained always the same. Only on hole 7 the watch woke up and did what it should, i. e. indicating the distance to the hole. As said, it was the first time I used the watch, so I thought there might have been some initialization issue. The following days, everything worked fine until yesterday, where I had the issue again. To resolve the problem, I stopped the golf round on my watch manually and restarted it. It took two attempts, then the watch was working again.

Does anybody know such issues and - even better - the resolution for it?

  • Hi Thom have you checked whether the GPS is active and satellite information updated? In my case since sftware was updated to 6.4 finding the satellites takes a long time, up to 15 minutes which is very annoying. CPE is always expired and not updating when syncing,  EPO appears to be current.

  • Hi HobbyGolfer,

    I assume the gps was active. After selecting „Play golf“ I usually don’t skip the process „Locating satellites“, thus, when the watch goes to the next step, I assume enough satellites have been found and the gps is active (is there any other method to verify this?)

    But thanks for the good hints. EPO was current, CPE expired. After update via Garmin express both now current!

    I will observe over the next days if the issue is now resolved and report here