Feature Request: Option to exclude bad shot from club distance average calculation

I posed this in the Golf Connect forum as well - figured it was worth mentioning here too. I would love the option to exclude bad shots from average calculations / stats. I still want the bad shots recorded (so I know what club I tried to hit - you could even build stats around clubs with the most mishits) but I don't want the bad shots to skew my averages. When Auto Detection is activated, would it be possible to add a feature that prompts the user to rate the stoke (Good stroke? Y/N or 1 thu 5 rating, or maybe "fat", "pure", "thin") after the watch asks what club was hit?

Right now I don't get much value from the distance averages just because my frequent mishits are skewing the data. Implementing something like this would really help the user realize the intended value of Auto Hit Detection. I also think dialing this in would help set yourself apart from standalone golf apps.