Software 6.2 watch no longer prompts for score, nor does it change holes automatically

I understand that version 6.2 is purported to prompt for score after leaving the green and heading to the next hole.

However, this rarely works. I will often complete a hole, and then carry on to the next hole and even after hitting my tee shot and going to my approach (over 200 yards from the previous hole's green -- which the watch says I am still playing), and the watch still does not prompt for score of the previous hole.

It is extremely annoying to have to manually navigate through menus and enter my score and, then more menus to change to the next hole before and after each hole.

Is there a fix for these bugs that were introduced in 6.2? Is there an option to return it to the old functionality that actually worked reliably?

  • I contacted Garmin about the issue and theirs response was not comforting. They kept telling me to drive the golf cart slowly to the next hole, so the auto will ask me to post the score on previous hole and advances. However, it is not working as they suggested. I get random usage of the S42 like it should be working, but for the money I paid it should be a better product. 

  • That’s not the answer either. How do I know ? Because, I WALK ! I’ve played an entire hole without ever being prompted for the previous hole score. 

    Maybe I should walk slower.

  • The course layout and tee box the user is playing is the largest factor with the watch prompting an automatic hole transition. Your location must come close enough to the furthest tee box back on each hole in order for the watch to transition if the course layout results in the furthest tee box proximity to be more inconvenient to pass by...or if your location is not near enough...this factor should be considered during your next round. 

    Other factors that can affect transition is the satellite acquisition if signal is affected due to environmental factors. Software and course maps should also be kept up to date as well to ensure proper functionality throughout the round. If a course is re-seeding or have temporarily moved tee boxes due to repair or seasonal related factors...this can also affect the transition behavior of the device during the round. 

    Below is a link to the Garmin Support page relevant to automatic hole transition to reference further if needed:

    Since you contacted support already for the concern, keep in mind the advisement of contacting support again if you continue to have concerns with a feature as was instructed. 

  • I am also having this issue every time I play. Garmin should fix this or replace our watch. I spent a lot of money and I expect better. 

  • I play the second most forward tees (gold) at my club. We have 5 sets of tees. So you are telling me (us) that I have to walk back to the tips in order for this $400 watch to work. That, in my opinion, is ridiculous. If that is indeed the case, this will be my last Garmin watch. I can get better performance and a lower price with a Sky Caddie.

  • That is simply a factor to consider in order for the watch to transition to the next hole as you move from the green to the tee box for the next hole. 

    Typically, course layouts will have a cart path allowing for proximity of the furthest tee box to come close enough...but depending on the layout, or if re-seeding has the tee box markers moved further back or further forward it could affect the proximity. 

    If the watch does not change holes, simply transition the watch manually to the hole you are now standing on and it should work fine. 

    Also ensure the watch is up to date to the most current version of course mapping through Garmin Express, and sync your watch regularly through the Garmin Golf app to ensure software updates are being received as released for the watch.