Software 6.20 Scorecard Issue

I recently updated my S42 to v6.20 and used it out on the course today. I've found that when scoring and a number is entered for a hole it does not seem to get on to the scorecard. I had to edit the scorecard each time and add the score manually there as well.

Anyone else suffering from this and know of any resolutiions yet?



  • OK, will try the pencil icon when I get the chance.
    I'm not happy at the downgrade in functionality by removing use of the button to save the score for a hole is being considered as something that may not get a fix. Having to step through all the screens each time is a bit of a pain when you're trying to focus on the game.
    Did this issue not show up in the testing that was done on version 6.20 before it was released for customers to install?

  • I think I have used the pencil icon when this started popping up.  To be honest I cannot remember.  I can give it a shot today and see what it does.  I do know most of the time I would just hit the score and go to the next tee, resulting in the score not being kept.  After that I just started going to the scorecard and entering it.  But I do think I used the pencil a couple times.  I will give it a shot today and see what happens.  I am pretty sure if you use the pencil it bypasses the Next on the screen and takes you to the next hole.  The update actually broke the function of just putting in your score and skipping the Next entries that had previously worked.  There was also no documentation concerning this if it was a "change" as you mentioned.  Question, have any of your engineers actually gone out to a course and played and tested the various methods of entering scores to see if anything else might have changed? Basically covering all the issues that we have reported to you?  I would think a checklist of all the possible ways of entering a score could be covered and tested.  The method that is broken has been used by me and others for years on all the watches I have used from Garmin.  Up until this update I have never used the Next feature on any of my watches. I have owned at least 3 plus one hand held.  Thanks for your attention to this. 

  • One other comment then I will keep quiet lol.  I was in IT for more than 40 years as both a programmer and a systems engineer.  It seems to me after thinking about this that whoever did the update blew out a line of code involving the button functions, basically one of the IF THEN ELSE statements either got deleted or over written with something else.  Has one of your software engineers or programmers gone back and compared the code in the prior release to the current release?  Should be fairly easy to spot if all the changes are documented from one release to another.  You should have backups of all the prior code available.  This is something that should only take a few minutes to confirm or deny.  There also might be a piece of code added that overrides what worked previously, maybe a period where there should not be one which would kill the button function part of entering the score and hitting the button.  Just a thought. 

  • Ok I played today.  When I hit the pencil icon it comes up at to enter the score, then I go thru the NEXT screens like I was. What I did not do and it was an oversight on my part because I was having a good round was to hit the button instead of NEXT to see what happens.  Sunday I will try that and see if it enters the score. Hitting the pencil icon allows me to enter my stuff without waiting to get to the next tee box.  Sorry about that. Sunday I will check it out and see if hitting the button fails to enter the score. I just got a feeling it won't but will not know until I try. Maybe I can nail it down better. I was pretty geeked about parring the first hole which I have not done on this par 5 before. 

  • I too was in the IT industry involved in many aspects over the years ranging from micro-coding through to system consultancy and have been thinking the same. Testing is one of those areas absolutely vital to ensure any output matches the requirements, and thus the implementation of the design is correct. The impression conveyed so far re the 6.20 update is that testing was not particularly thorough before it was released. In too many areas now it seems that the industry is keener to get a new version released for users to field test rather than do that in house and delay the release a little.

  • That is what we used to call the Microsoft effect. Get it out then fix it later. I worked on Unisys and IBM ISeries machines for most of my career.  They were a bit stricter as far as OS releases.  I noticed over the years more and more vendors starting to use the Microsoft model and releasing mostly working software and using the public for beta or post release testing.  Unisys and IBM were pretty good about thoroughly testing releases and having a lot of prerelease end users do their testing before it hit the public.  They would usually announce an upcoming release at their user conferences so that the end users had a Q&A session to voice concerns. If they got a bunch they would postpone the releases. Address the concerns and fix the issues if possible. Sometimes it was hardware related and they users just had to upgrade servers. I am so glad I get to play golf and not worry about that stuff now.  Over two years in the past. These kinds of issues with golf watches are first world problems lol... 

  • Ok today on the first hole I hit the pencil icon as soon as I got off the green. I put in my score and hit the button.  Went back and looked and it DID NOT register the score so I had to reenter it and used the NEXT function to work thru adding my score, putts and fairway hit.  So the button does not record your score using the pencil icon if you hit the button instead of going thru the NEXT screens.  Hope that helps. 

  • After finally getting back out on the course after some bad weather, I too had the same symptoms when using the pencil icon i.e. there is a fault when using the button at that point as well. So hopefully the extremely useful functionality offered by the single button push will be reinstated very soon after it was presumably inadvertantly removed in the last software update.

  • Thank you to those who have confirmed the situation, I have passed along this info. We should hopefully have clarification soon.

  • Hello!

    Today we started the rollout of software version 6.30. Currently we are at 20% and will increase the % as time passes. Please continue to check throughout the next day or two for the update if you do not see it offered right away.

    Change Log

    Restored ability to use button to exit score entry page while still saving score/stat changes.
    Added a prompt to update the GPS firmware if it is unresponsive at the start of an activity.