Garmin Approach S42 Not detecting chips shots


I recently purchased a Garmin Approach S42 as an upgrade to my Garmin Approach S20. I was happy with my S20, but there were a few features lacking i.e Touch Screen and the ability to do Stableford scoring. So I upgraded to the S42.

After my first use of the S42, I noticed it was not detecting my short shots around the green chips etc, where I didn't do a full swing

( Which my older s20 did without any issue). I lived with this for a while, but it got to the poit where it was ruining my game stats as shots were being missed.

I contacted Garmin support who advised me to do certain tweeks on the S42 all to no avail. I was basically told this was a reported issue and they noted my comments and added it to the "future feature development requests". Which I was not happy with as this was standard on my older Garmin S20.

I conducted my own test to compare the S20 & S42 ability to detect chip shots,. I wore both watches on my left wrist as I am right handed.

I loaded my local course on both watches and took my first shot which happened to be a chip shot where I wasn't performing a full swing.

I performed a couple of chip shots in my back garden, in each case the S20 detected the shot and asked me to input the club I used. The S42 Display was showing that I was on the first hole no auto club prompt. The only way I could get the S42 to allow me to input the chip shot was to take a full dummy swing to wake up the swing sensor, then take the chip shot and then input my score.

So the upshot is there is clearly an issue with the newer S42 swing sensor sensitivity. I contacted American Golf asking for my money back, but as the watch was just over 30 days old they would not refund me. I then contacted Garmin support to see if I could get a refund and basically was told the issue had been raised and maybe there would maybe a fix in the future !!!!.

I am now reverting back to my Garmin S20, I am not impressed with Garmin's response to my issue as I have clearly tested and proved there is an Issue with the S42 detecting Chip shots.

The S42 has been rolled out without the correct testing and I suspect it is "US" the people who buy it who are doing the real testing.... I WOULD EXPECT THE GARMIN DEVELOPEMENT TEAM TO WORK ON THIS ISSUE AS A MATTER OF URGENCY. N