DistanceWalked key/value in JSON export with S12 and CT10

There is no step counter on the Approach S12 as far as I am aware but I was looking into the exported data and there is a key/value called distanceWalked in the DI_CONNECT/DI-GOLF/Golf-SCORECARD.json. Some of the values I saw were 11960, 12064, and 10509. It seems like these are likely meters walked but I'm not quite sure about the data. For example, my last round I used a golf cart and it says I walked 7.5 miles. I am also using my S12 with my CT10's on all my clubs - perhaps that is tracking things in a roundabout way? Can anyone shed some light on what this stat means?

  • That is is just stored from the distance/timer information recorded to the scorecard during the round, based entirely on GPS distance. The S12 does not have the accelerometer + gyroscope sensors, to attribute changes in your location resulting from walking, or driving in a cart. 

    Earlier released Approach golf watches, with the same odometer/round timer feature have articles where, "walk" is termed, instead of driving a cart, other vehicle, etc. Example in link below: 

    How to Start the Odometer on an Approach S3 or S4

  • Thanks for the quick response Cody! So if I were to walk a course the whole time, this would be the distance I walked based on GPS data taken at regular intervals of every few seconds or something? The GPS distance doesn't have anything to do with the shot distance which is based on GPS as well, right?

    And this is in meters, correct?

    Thanks again for your help!

  • The units of distance will be based on the "Golf Distance" setting set on the watch, so if you have the golf distance set to "Yards" the distance from the odometer that displays at the end of the round will be in "Miles", with "mi" next to the value. If you have the Golf Units set to "Meters" then the odometer distance displayed at the end of the round will reflect "kilometers" with "km" displayed next to the value. 

    Regarding the shot distances, the Approach S12 does not offer our "Autoshot: feature, so shot distances are not measured on the unless the user is using the "Measure Shot" feature, which is a manual measurement, which does not save once the round is over. 

    Keep in mind, that riding in a cart or forgetting to end the round on the watch can add extra distance.

  • Hi Mate, just wondering how you were able to extract that data? i'm wanting to record distances walked as i dont carry my phone with me


  • That data came out of the export from here: https://www.garmin.com/en-US/account/datamanagement/

    They email you a link to download your data in a bunch of JSON files and the one above (DI_CONNECT/DI-GOLF/Golf-SCORECARD.json) is the path to the one with the distances. Unfortunately, these are all exports from their individual databases so you kind of have to put them together in your own DB. I am building an app based on this data so I was putting them all together but you can do it on Excel or something if you put enough effort in!

    Good luck - I'm still not sure what these distances mean anyway based on Cody's last post but I'm pretty sure it's in meters and I think it might be the sum of all the distances in between all your shots.