Approach S12 - performance stats not showing up after 11 rounds.

I have all my scorecards correctly included but no data available for the comparison tables between YOU and SIMILAR HANDICAPS. Does this feature exist?

  • Autoshot detection is required in order for the performance stats to record and populate data. The Approach S12 does not have shot detection (Autoshot) as a feature with just the watch. A full pack of CT-10 club tracking sensors are required, in order for the Approach S12 to track your shots, which then give you performance states. 

    The handicap comparison section of the graph in the photo you posted is showing only similar handicaps on the graph because uploaded scorecards will allow you handicap calculation, but since your watch does not have the autoshot feature, and is not recording every shot with CT-10 sensors paired to your have no data in the comparison graph. 

    More info relative to the Autoshot feature available to reference on the Garmin support site here: AutoShot and Other Features on Garmin Golf Watches and Devices

    Additional info regarding performance stats is available through the Garmin support site here: Garmin Golf Performance Stats and Data Available