Syncing S12 recent rounds

I have updated my software (3.0) for my S12. Most recent rounds, which I've saved in my watch are not showing up on my activity. It shows rounds from months ago. So no recent rounds despite being saved are showing up. Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions? I was hoping that when saved they'd show on my activity.

  • If you are syncing through the Garmin Golf app, verify a full sync has been completed by tapping the watch icon at the top of the opening page in the app > Then select the circular sync arrows icon next to your watch in the Garmin Devices menu. 

    Users syncing through Garmin Express via a corded connection to a home computer...make sure the Express program is signed into the same account, as the account showing in the Garmin Golf app on your smartphone. 

    If that does not resolve the concern, then try powering off, and rebooting your watch > Once loaded to the time screen, sync your watch once again to see if they then transfer. 

    Make sure your watch is up to date on the most current version of software and course maps available...along with ensuring the Garmin Golf app is up to date, and  verify that your smartphone is up to date for the OS offered from Android or Apple. 

    If the issue persists, it would be best to contact Garmin Support to discuss the issue live, so our support team can walk you through additional solutions.