Garmin Golf app shows the shots for hole 1 correctly on the summary, but doesn't show the hole in the list of holes below the summary. How can I edit a penalty shot for the "missing" hole?

Vulcan Golf and Country Club 06/02/23 stroke play

Hole     1   2  3  4   .....

Par      5   4   4  4  ...

Shots   8  7   6  5  ...

Fairways Hit                      GIR     Putts

5/12                                    2/18       35

2    Par 4    6 shots

3   Par 4   10 shots 

4   Par 4     5 shots

5   Par 4     5  shots


The hole 2 shot tracking image  looks accurate.

The hole 3 shot tracking  image for hole 3 has the shots from tee box to green okay, except shows the tee shot as shot 6.   Then shows a shot line from the green off the left side of the hole, and a PW shot on the bottom left corner of screen, which when selected, this shot number 2.

  • Penalties do not display on the scorecard, and cannot be edited after round has been ended on the watch.

    If you are editing the scorecard, you would simply need to adjust the score to accurately reflect extra strokes incurred from the penalty. 

    Penalties can only be entered when the stat tracking prompt appears after the score, putts, and fairway position is entered by the user. Make sure that the golf settings menu on the watch show "On" listed below the Stat Tracking, and Penalties sections in the menu.