Approach S12 will not connect to Garmin Golf App since about 5 weeks ago

Purchased S12 prior to Xmas & worked fine with Garmin Golf App until about 5 weeks ago.

Software: S12 Ver 3.0, Garmin App Ver 2.12.5

Phone: Samsung S7 Android Ver 8.0

Installed Garmin Golf App on a Samsung S20 but still will not connect to S12

S12 communicates perfectly with Garmin Express on Windows 10 pro PC

Reset S12 many times. Uninstalled App & reinstalled but no difference.

What has been changed on the App in the recent updates to cause this problem & when will it be fixed?

Have been forced to go back to using mScorecard Free App on my phone.

The $350 S12 is now a very expensive plastic digital watch.. being within the warranty period I will expect a full refund if it does not function fully as advertised.!

Hopefully I will get a response.

  • We are having the same problem as you are.  Last year it worked fine.  When we called they asked if we kept it charged, well no where did it say to do that during the winter.  They sent a new charging cord to us and that doesn't work either.  Only used it a few times before the season ended and now I'm hoping they will make it right or fix whatever they updated that has ruined mine and another watch I know of too same issue.

  • I can sit the S12 on top of my phone with the app open & the S12 just shows "waiting" when trying to connect ph but never connects.

    When trying to pair Phone via S12, S12 displays "Download & open App" forever..

    Bluetooth on phone shows S12 paired.

    Can't believe this problem is taking sooo long to resolve. Appears many folks have same issue..

  • Check the Google Play store, searching "Garmin Golf" and  make sure the most current version of the Garmin Golf app is installed to your phone (V. 2.12.5 as of 5/31/2023). Install any updates if showing available for the app. If showing open, then follow steps below: 

    1. Open Android Settings > Connections > Check and see if your Approach S12 is showing in the previously paired device list > Confirm if showing connected > Unpair from the list of previously paired bluetooth devices. 
    2. Open the Garmin Golf app > Select 3 bars menu in the upper left corner of the main screen in app to open main menu > Select Garmin Devices > Keep phone open on that screen, and on actual watch, open main menu > Select Phone or Pair Phone to put the S12 into pairing mode > Back in the Golf app select the red Add Device button at the bottom of the Garmin Devices menu > Select the S12 from the device list and complete the pairing and setup once again through the Garmin Golf app. 

    If you continue to have issues, you can refer to Garmin Support for further solutions, as our Support Team can get you a solution going forward if things persist. 

  • Thank you for the reply. Following the steps you provided did not solve the problem.

    The S12 was always showing as the connected device in the Garmin Golf App.I was able to connect the device but it would not Pair despite many attempts including resetting device & uninstalling the app.

    Finally I managed to discover how to delete the device from the app. Removed & reinstalled the app, selected the device anew and it finally was able to pair.

    It would seem that if the watch is turned off for a  few days, and the pairing drops out, the device/watch needs to be deleted from the app and reset for paring to work.

    I hope this helps others with the same issue.

  • Typically removing the device from the app is not required, as unpairing the device from the bluetooth device list usually is sufficient as it will prompt the device to re-establish a pairing through the Garmin Golf. 

    Going off of limited info here through the forums, so I am not sure what specifically was causing your issue, or further details surrounding what was going on, but glad your device is now paired and working properly. 

    Thanks for confirming! 

  • Hi Garmin team, thank you for this forum for discussion and troubleshooting.

    I have done:
    1. unpair bluetooth

    2. Uninstall garmin apps and reinstall new one.

    However upon connecting via bluetooth, it shows that wrong keypass, or in Garmin Apps, it shown "Retry" button, with a signage "!" as well

    Really need your help

  • Make sure the correct email is being used to sign into the app when prompted on-screen. 

    Try manually entering the password vs using a password wallet with auto-fill entry. 

    If you continue to not be able to login, select the forgot password option and reset your password through the email reset steps that are then sent out to you. 

    After following the suggestions above, if you continue to have an issue logging in, please contact Garmin Support for assistance. 

  • all old android 11 user and samsung phones have same problem but Garmin is not intrested s12 users, workinclass cheap whatsch users, so they wont updated the garmin golf app. fact

  • marinedata_searhing is the best that Garmin can do whit 11 monts... bye.. I really hate this product from bottom of my heart

  • It's unfortunate that you had a negative experience with your Approach S12. 

    The Approach S12 is fully supported by Garmin, and does not have any issues native to the specific watch preventing a Bluetooth connection to a compatible smartphone through the Garmin Golf app. Android smartphones must  be Android OS 7.0 or higher per the Garmin Golf App Minimum Device Software Requirements we have available on the support site. 

    If you have concerns with the connection to your smartphone, it is best to reach out to Garmin Support to discuss the issue. This allows you to speak with an expert on your device. Garmin Support can then get more info from you on the issue, troubleshoot, and then offer you solutions going forward.