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S12 course updates

  1. Got a Garmin S12 in February and played a course yesterday which was restructured and reconfigured in may, however my S12 is still showing the old course layout, can I update my watch via bluetooth or do I have to connect to Garmin express on a laptop or desktop computer.
  • Course map updates must be installed to the Approach S12 using the Garmin Express program on a home computer. Refer to the Update Golf Courses and Device Software on an Approach Garmin Support page for the update steps. The Approach S12 does not have the option of updating through bluetooth.

    Garmin releases map updates periodically throughout the year on an unscheduled basis. So as updates are reported and enough course corrections have accumulated, they are then bundled and released for everyone to install. 

    If we the update to the course was recent, and the changes are not reflected in the most recent update for maps...then you can submit a course report through our web form in the link below:

    Changes take time to be implemented, and sometimes it can take a couple of months for the next bundle of updates to get released. If you fill out the web form to report the course change, the email you use when filling out the form will be notified once the update with the correction to the course you reported becomes available to install.