Does S12 not do shot maps post round with the measure shot feature?

Hi I have just got an s12 approach for my birthday but cant seem to see the hole by hole shot maps in the android samsung galaxy s6 golf app or does it not do this?  I was under the impression from what I read on Garmin sites that it could still do shot maps via the shot measure feature and even edit what club you used in the app post round it just all has to be done manually rather than automatically like the more expensive watches.  Or is this not possible which would be disappointing?  Thanks 

  • I use the Garmin iOS iPhone app, so the features may differ between android and iOS.

    S12 is an entry level watch. On its own, it doesn’t do all you can do on more expensive watches. I have the S12 too, and the instructions say that you can buy club sensors, which could add collective data. From the owners manual…

    Club Sensors Your device is compatible with Approach CT10 golf club sensors. When paired with a full set of club sensors installed on all your golf clubs, you can automatically track your golf shots, including location, distance, and club type. See the owner's manual for your club sensors for more information ( /manuals/ApproachCT10). Also… When you are playing with Approach CT10 club sensors, you can press DOWN to view your previous shots.

    Perhaps you’re asking about the scorecard, which should have the shots record, if you’ve selected the right choices.