Can I move a golf scorecard to a different user account? I synced it to the wrong user by mistake and want to upload it to the right user.

There have been issues with my user account so I created a new user for my new S12.  I forgot to log out of the old account and synced the latest golf game.  I cannot now sync the watch with the correct user, it has nothing to sync.

  • Once a round is saved, the scorecard file is temporarily stored on your Garmin device until the next sync where it is then transferred to the account it is being used through. 

    When the scorecard is synced to the account, it cannot be transferred or synced to another the device is intended to be synced and used with one account. There is currently no export option for the synced scorecards from the account, other than "Share Scorecard" feature within the Garmin Golf app, which allows the user to share the scorecard as a reference only image file. 

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    as the device is intended to be synced and used with one account
    • that explains why we can not repair and test corrupted scorecard fit files on our own accounts
    • because of the missing device, comes only one solution to the rescue Thumbsupcloning